New Year, New Update

So, things got kinda funky towards the end of last year, where between uni assignments, exams and having to find a new job, I totally lost my sewjo. Thankfully after being forced cared for by beautiful friends, finishing a couple of big UFOs and starting a new job, I finally feel able to sew for fun again. Hooray.

I’ve had a couple of weeks off work for the Christmas break, and it’s been fun to stocktake on where I am and what my aims for this year are. I made 18 quilts in 2016, which was lots of fun and rather massive when studying, working, and spending lots of my time ferrying children around! This year, I’m keen to slow down and appreciate the process a little more. I need to give the new job a decent amount of my attention, and the kids will be adjusting to me not being physically around as much as before. So I’ll be mostly focusing on my La Passacaglia quilt. I’m 12 months in to my “quietest la pass” experiment and I’m loving working on it.


After finishing the kids’ quilts, my next goal was a quilt I started for my friend months ago. She was so pleased to receive it yesterday. ❤


I have a couple of other little side-projects on, but I’m also keen to get some more WIPs under control if I have any spare sewing time. There are another 15 quilts on my WIP list. I’m going to leave that list on my cutting table so I can peruse it occasionally, but I won’t be putting pressure on to get them all done this year. Sometimes, a project needs to marinate. 🙂


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