Quarterly Review and Q4 2016 Goals

This year hasn’t really turned out as planned, but I think it’s been better in some ways. It’s been a big year so far, and I’d love to go out with a bang and get some WIPs whipped.

I only finished 3 of the 6 goals I set for Q3 (which you can find here, here and here), but given that the quarter has been so full-on and I finished a different 3 quilts too, I’m happy with those finishes. I really love the Cotton & Steel baby quilts, especially, and I have a box of scraps from those quilts waiting, so I will be making even more of those at some point!

So onto quarter 4…


With all my assignments and an exam due in October, I will be a month behind before I start, but I’m looking forward to having a decent chunk of sewing time once the semester is complete (and maybe some sneaky sewing-for-sanity in the meantime).  🙂


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