Cushion Swap!

As the swap wraps up, I’ve realised that I haven’t chatted about the recent #pcswapas (hosted by Alison and Sami) that I took part in on Instagram recently. Because my year is already chock-full of goals and projects, I decided that I wouldn’t commit to any swaps this year. The other issue is that we can’t really hang things on the wall at the moment and while minis are cute, they aren’t really that useful except when hung up. But my resolve gave way when I saw this pillow and cushion swap! A perfect way to brighten up this place.

It wasn’t hard to pick what I was going to make for my partner. She loved colour and one of her favourite designers is Alison Glass. So I broke the bundle of all my handcrafted fabrics and made this amazingly cute Rhonda block (pattern by QuiltJane). It worked so well as a cushion.


I quilted it fairly densely with straight lines using the foot as a guide. Jane’s pattern uses the tri-rec ruler and I love the more unusual shapes as a result.

Of course, the other part of the fun is receiving… It was a frantic week last week and I was thrown a couple of curve-balls on top, so receiving this lovely treat made my day. 

I do love me some hexies and my partner was kind enough to also send me a bag, which has been in use already as I tote around all our family’s stuff. So as much as I was resolved to not take on any more projects, I’m so pleased I took part in this swap. Thank you Sami and Alison, and of course to Helen and Monica


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