Blue-and-white Log Cabin Table Runner

I do love a good traditional pattern made with new modern fabrics, so when the Fat Quarter Shop told me about Classic and Heirloom Quilts by Betsy Chutchian, I was super-keen to take part in the sew-along and make a mini-quilt. I have been wanting to make a project with low volume and blue fabrics for a while now, and looking at the fabric pile reminded me of the blue and white crockery I grew up with in England. I just had to make a table runner.

The added bonus is that our dining table was looking a little sparse since I tidied my sewing room (previously known as the “room of doom“) and it became usable again. So it will definitely be in high rotation at dinner time!

To make the table runner, I simply made 12 (rather than 20) mini blocks of the Streak of Lightning pattern. I picked 6 light fabrics and 6 dark fabrics so have some close repetition and had to be careful when piecing. You could use a small amount (a F8 is plenty) of all different fabrics for a super-scrappy look.

I’m just so pleased with the result.


For further information on the book, you can visit here or watch this video.


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