Getting started on 2016

Well, I’m home from the UK (in body at least) and getting on top of life here in Aus again. My kitchen was overrun with ants again, the washing machine doesn’t appear to be actually washing laundry, and I desperately need to clean everything, but I’m taking a few minutes out as it’s more fun to figure out the priorities with 2016’s finish-along project. I love this quarterly nudge to set goals and assess where I am at and used it regularly on Our Place Quilts. I  quickly posted my mosaic on IG before getting on the plane but stuffed up the link and I thought I’d post a quick update here too.

So, the priorities are:

* Eerie Nested Churn Dash – currently with the awesome Quilt Jane (who also designed the pattern) for quilting. Needs to be done for my eldest’s birthday in March. This is the closest to being finished already. 🙂

* True North Quilt – I’ve done 5 of the 12 blocks needed but want to get this in the post to my step-dad by the end of Feb for his birthday. He’s such a star and will hopefully love it. This pattern is by Peta.

* Circles Charity Quilt – This is the November do.goodstitches project for Cherish circle. I asked for warm-colored circles on a grey background. Obviously not what I have pictured above (in learning inset circles), but might put these on the back. I have bowed out of the group (sadly) for 2016 and would like to get this done and donated this month.

* Farmer’s Wife – I was supposed to finish hand-piecing the blocks on my trip but got happily side-stacked with my Pastel La Passacaglia Millefiori quilt. More to come on that. 🙂 But I was enjoying the farmers wife blocks as part of the Farmer’s Wife QAL and do hope I can get the quilt done this quarter now I have decided on a smaller quilt.

* And finally, for fun, I want to make Elizabeth Hartman‘s Fancy Forest Quilt. I’ve picked out my fabrics and can’t wait to make this one. 🙂

So much to look forward to this quarter. First, to fix that washing machine!


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