2016 Planning

I’m away from home (and my machine) at the moment, but being away has has helped focus my attention and allowed me to set some goals for this coming year (and, you know, I’m a bit of a planning nerd). I have had plans to improve this space for some time, but things kept getting thrown in the way last year. But this year, I aim to:

* blog regularly – once or twice a week;

* share my ongoing projects and any tips or shortcuts I come across;

* share other things that inspire or interest me;

* make 15 quilts;

* read 30 books;

* give at least 2 quilts to charity;

* set up a shop;

* put myself “out there” (outside of Instagram!) and submit a quilt or two for show; and

* improve my skills (in-person classes, trying new techniques, expanding my horizons)

I’ll share the full list of books and quilts I have planned shortly, because yes, there is already a list. 🙂

I have opted to use my Get To Work Book this year to organise myself. Loving it so far…



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