Some finishes to end the year…

It’s that time of year where I get to look back on what has been and look forward to what will come. Today, I’m looking back and I’m sad that I didn’t make more progress on this little corner of the web. So a quick update to bring this back up-to-date…

I have a couple of finishes to report. The biggest is my This Goes With That hexies quilt, which is English Paper Pieced. I have truly loved working on this project and it totally ignited my love of hand-piecing and EPP, even in stitching all those triangles and rows together! It is a quiltcon reject but I’m not worried. It’s my favourite quilt made to date and I’m just as happy for it to be on my sofa as hung. ❤️  


I also managed to get mum’s quilt made in time for Christmas. This is huge! 80 x 100! And I managed it in the crazy end-of-school-year 6 weeks while organizing family and work for our big overseas trip, so I’m pretty pleased with that! This pattern is from Me and My Sister’s Precut Primer book and was simple and fun to make. And mum is over-the-moon! 


And finally, I finished the simple little kids quilt that I designed/improv’d.

And on to thinking about my goals for 2016 for projects and this space. ❤️


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